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The BLCK Super Intelligence. _.

WKNDA is the BLCK super intelligence - aggregating black knowledge, experience, and insight. It's a community coupled with a learning platform, both working together to elevate the BLCK consciousness.

Sound futuristic? It is. Want to contribute? Want to learn? Then let's talk. You can request an invite by clicking the button below.

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Wōkanda in the News

WKNDA = Black excellence, compiled.

WKNDA is a community platform where we leverage our collective intelligence, experience, and resources to teach, learn, and build with each other.
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Saturday School

Members have access to our Black angel investors to pitch for potential investment. Find your first investment for your idea or growing startup and/or connect with potential co-founders, employees, and board members.

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Key Features

A platform built for sharing knowledge.
Saturday School (coming soon)
BLCK Community
Archive Library
Saturday School Learning

Our live learning events happen on Saturdays. A mix of live presentations, classes, and BLCK Talks, they provide a regular cadence of learning for our members.
Our signature live learning event, BLCK Talks (Bite-sized Learning & Community Knowledge), are like TED Talks but much more engaging and interactive. Success in the future will require that one is a lifelong learner- we're building a platform to support this idea.

Learn More About Saturday School
BLCK Teachers & Learners

Learning for us, by us. Connect with subject matter experts (Xperts) in their respective fields. Our Xperts deliver the BLCK Talks and are available on WKNDA to engage with and share with.

Library of past events to view on-demand

As a member of WKNDA, you get access to ALL of the past learning events as well. All are categorized and archived for easy access whenever, wherever.

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Notable Members

Community-minded Xperts empowering lifelong-learners by sharing their knowledge.

Gary Brantley


Ervan Rodgers II

State cio

Kai Frazier

Startup entrepreneur

Doug McCollough


Shawntera Hardy


Samuel Davis


Tracie Cleveland Thomas

Executive Director

Sean Grant


James Ross III


Kaleem Musa


Clarence Howell


Maurice Womack


Learning Topics

Just a sampling of the topics we're "Talking" about on Wknda.

Big Ideas

Startup Fundamentals



Entrepreneurship & Business


Career Development

Legal Knowledge

and so much more!


Host your organization on Wōkanda! This plan is a great option for corporate Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), affinity groups, fraternities & sororities, and other Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) groups who want access to live learning and community. We'll create a private space for you and your membership to connect and learn on Wōkanda.

Saturday School

Each member pays for their own membership on Wōkanda.

Full Access

The organization pays for each of their members membership on Wōkanda.


What's included?
Private Space for membership
Access to live learning events
Archive library
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What's Included?
Private Space for membership
Moderator account
Account manager
Access to live learning events
Archive library
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"All you can eat" live learning.
Become a citizen of Wōkanda today. Choose your level below to get started!
BLCK Talks
Live Interactive Podcasts
Archive Library
Community Spaces
Paid, Live Learning Events
Citizen Referral Program


Access the social features of Wōkanda for FREE. We're leveraging community to empower us all. We only ask that you share!


Live BLCK Talks
Live Town Halls (audio chats)
Archive Library
Social Spaces
Paid Learning Events
Citizen Referral Program

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Help us keep Wōkanda free for everyone by "buying us a coffee." One-time and monthly plans available.
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Live BLCK Talks
Live Town Halls (audio chats)
Archive Library
Free Community Spaces
Paid Learning Events -
Citizen Referral Program

Upcoming Learning Events

"Wokanda is going to be a game changer for the Black community."
Clarence H.
With forest you can literally save hours building elements and use their compontents as starting elements for your own design.

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WKNDA is a community platform where we leverage our collective intelligence, experience, and resources to teach, learn, and build with each other.
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Wokanda Statistics

We launched on February 1, 2021


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