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Let's learn, together. Wōkanda is a cooperative learning community where we teach, learn, and grow with each other through BLCK Talks (Bite-sized Learning & Community Knowledge.) They're like TED Talks but much more engaging and interactive. We'll be launching soon!

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Learning via BLCK Talks

Live video events on a singular topic. They're like TED Talks but more interactive and more practical.

Taught by Experts

Topics that matter

A community of learners

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Live Learning Events

BLCK Talks are delivered as live learning events. All events are recorded and archived in our library for on-demand access for our membership.

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Learning Subjects

Just a sampling of the topics we're "Talking" about on Wōkanda.

Entrepreneurship & Business

Culture & History

Government & Politics

STEM Learning & Technology


Health & Wellness


Big Ideas

A Few of Our Experts

Community-minded experts empowering the community by sharing their knowledge.

Malcolm Jenkins

Social activist, NFL Player

Doug McCollough


Mary Wineberg

Olympic GOld Medalist

Ervan Rodgers II

State cio

Erica Crawley

State Representative

Shawntera Hardy


Sean Grant


Erica Womack, Ph.D.

Are you an Expert?

Share what you know.

Are you skilled or knowledgeable in a particular topic/area? Then you're exactly who we're looking for! Apply to become an Expert here on Wōkanda. Experts receive FREE membership and a small stipend for every BLCK Talk that they give. Let's start the conversation.

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A platform built for sharing knowledge.

Live learning events
Access to subject matter experts
Library of past events to view on demand
Live learning events

BLCK Talks are our live learning events. They follow a standard structure and are designed to deliver meaningful learning content in less than 20 minutes. Add them to your calendar and start building your learning today.

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Access to subject matter experts

Learn from and connect with Experts in their respective fields. Our Experts deliver the BLCK Talks and are available on Wokanda to engage with and share with.

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Library of past events to view on-demand

As a member of Wokanda, you get access to ALL of the past learning events as well. All are categorized and archived for easy access whenever, wherever.

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