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Our Mission

Wōkanda is a knowledge-sharing community. Our mission is to empower the Black community with knowledge, ideas, and connections to one another. We truly believe in the mantra that "Knowledge is Power" and we are providing a platform to facilitate its distribution. We're building a library of knowledge from a nation of subject matter experts and a community of learners to engage with each other and information.

Our First Experts

The Founder's Club

Below are the founding cohort of Experts who saw the vision for Wokanda and are committed to building a thriving learning community. Look them up when you join.

Doug McCollough
Mary Wineberg
Erica Crawley
Evelyn Sullen Smith
Ervan Rodgers II
Samuel Davis
Danielle Alexander
Erica Womack, Ph.D
Gary Brantley
Sean Grant
Barbara Fant
James Ross III
Kaleem Musa
Toni Cunningham
Shawntera Hardy
Jason Dunn
Joe Moss
Maurice Womack
Dawn Carpenter
Tracie Cleveland Thomas
Kai Frazier
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