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Saturday live learning from Xperts in their field on topics such as tech, finance, real estate, stock trading, and much more.

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Saturday School Features

BLCK is an acronym for Bite-sized Learning & Community Knowledge. BLCK Talks are how we teach and learn from each other on Wōkanda. The talks are structured to fit a format that allows for quick learning of concepts coupled with community engagement around the topic for deeper learning opportunities.

Live Learning Events

Saturday school is a live learning experience. Each event is structured to provide valuable learning, Q & A, and action items for deeper learning.


Topics that Matter to Us

Want to start your business? How about getting started with trading stocks? We tackle the topics that will empower our community by preparing ourselves and future generations to be successful.

Given by Experts

BLCK Talks are given by experienced experts in their respective fields. Experts are community-minded citizens with a heart for spreading knowledge. Anyone can apply to become an expert. If you have knowledge to be shared, let's start the conversation.


Archived in the Library

Every BLCK Talk is archived to be accessible for all members. This library of knowledge will serve as a resource for the members of Wōkanda, available whenever and wherever.


How BLCK Talks are Structured?

How do we learn in today's world where our attention is being pulled in every direction and our time is more limited than ever before? BLCK Talks answer the following questions about a Subject in less than 20 minutes!

Who is the Expert?

A quick overview of who you (the Expert) are and how your experience has informed your knowledge.

What is the Subject?

Here is where you let the audience know the Subject of your Talk and why it is important.

What should I know about the Subject?

This section of your Talk will detail the knowledge you wish to share about the Subject. The bulk of your Talk will fill this section.

How can I learn more about the Subject?

This portion of your Talk will detail where and how can the audience learn more about the Subject discussed.

Question & Answer

Take questions from the audience.

What Action(s) Can I Take to Learn More?

Finally, you will give the audience and Action item. This Action item should result in deeper understanding of the Subject.

Are you an Expert?

Share what you know.

Are you skilled or knowledgeable in a particular subject area? Then you're exactly who we're looking for! Apply to become an Expert here on Wōkanda. Experts receive FREE membership and a small stipend for every BLCK Talk that they give. Let's start the conversation.

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WKNDA is a community platform where we leverage our collective intelligence, experience, and resources to teach, learn, and build with each other.
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